Servicios REACH Integra

Servicios REACH Integra

Servicios REACH Integra

Servicios REACH Integra

Communication in the Supply Chain

The REACH Regulation sets out the obligation to transmit information on the hazards and uses of substances and mixtures in the supply chain, both upstream and downstream.

Safety Data Sheets and labels are the methods selected to transmit information on the properties and effects of chemical substances and mixtures during use, allowing companies to know the inherent dangers of their use and appropriate measures for risk management.

Regulation (EU) No. 453/2010 and (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP) set out respectively the requirements for the content of the Safety Data Sheets and product labels marketed.

In addition, REACH Regulation requires Exposure Scenarios to be attached for the substances classified as hazardous, whenever a Chemical Safety Assessment has been made.

The obligations arising from the transmission of information also reach the downstream users of substances and mixtures. Downstream users must communicate the uses of these substances to their suppliers as well as any information on hazards as well as any risk management measures that have been applied.

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Additional Services in the Supply Chain

REACH Integra can also help companies in the preparation of supply chain actions whenever any of the following actions are needed:

  • Preparation of Use Maps
  • Use Analysis and Interpretation of Exposure Scenarios received
  • Preparation of Exposure Scenarios for Communication in the Supply Chain
  • Preparation of Consolidated Exposure Scenarios for Mixtures
  • Preparation of Safety Reports on Uses
  • Preparation of the Communication of Uses for ECHA