Servicios REACH Integra

Servicios REACH Integra

Servicios REACH Integra

Servicios REACH Integra

An Only Representative of non European Businesses

As of 2008 REACH Integra has acted as Only Representative for companies in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, etc, for the purposes provided under article 8 of the REACH Regulation.

REACH Integra meets the five essential parameters to be a suitable partner for your company when it comes to needing an Only Representative:

  • Successful experience as an Only Representative
  • Knowledge of the REACH Regulation requirements
  • Technical team accustomed to meeting the REACH Regulation requirements
  • Competence in the handling of chemical products
  • Ability to give continuity to the requirements in time

The assurance of continuity in the Only Representative services of REACH Integra is backed by the two entities that comprise it, the Spanish Chemical Industry Federation (FEIQUE) and INERCO Engineering, Technology and Consultancy. Both entities have more 30 years of experience in the development of their activities.


Only Representative Services

REACH Integra carries out its Only Representative services under a self-service methodology, proven by the fact that since 2008, REACH Integra has successfully pre-registered and registered all their customers' substances. REACH Integra is also a member of the Only Representative Organization (ORO).

Currently, all of REACH Integra non European customers export their products to the European Community, maintaining total confidentiality about them, their products and their European customers.

REACH Integra carries out all the necessary services for substance registration which include:

  • Identification of obligations and action plan
  • Late pre-registration of phase-in substances
  • Phase out substance inquiry and registration
  • Preparation of Substance Registration Dossier, both the Individual Registration through Joint Submission as well as Complete Registration, if necessary.
  • Participation in SIEF and Consortia
  • Contact with the Lead Registrant, purchasing of Letters of Access and/or SIEF Agreement
  • Preparation of Safety Data Sheets and Labels


REACH Integra Only Representative Actions

The obligations imposed by REACH on importers of substances, such as those found in mixtures or in articles, will be assumed by REACH Integra when facing the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), without interfering in trade relations between the company represented and its European customers.

REACH Integra Only Representative actions do not focus solely on mere compliance with registration and pre-registration requirements, etc. but REACH Integra provides technical advice to its represented companies throughout the entire representation period with a dual objective:

  • The company is aware of REACH implications in order to know and be able to control the process at all times.
  • To provide responses to requests for information from European customers


Even though Only Representatives do not have competence in Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008, REACH Integra has implemented mechanisms for making group notifications and importing substance and mixture samples, etc.


Only Representative
Only Representative